Loren Coleman has written a commentary on school shootings and their publication in the media. He asserts that they should not be so widely reported because of the effects they cause on other kids. Many of the statements he claims are true, but I would maintain the more important factor is how heavily it weighs on the families and those affected by the incidents themselves.

Recently in the news a man killed a dog violently by throwing it against a wall multiple times until it died. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ellisville-man-gets–year-sentence-in-dog-killing/article_26acb9c8-141d-51d3-a68b-5a5140cd968a.html

This kind of thing is sick and should be punished, yes, however, this man got a ton of publicity for his actions which may have been his intent in the first place. His name shouldn’t even by a byline in the footnote of an excerpt, however, it is plastered on the front page of stltoday. This is exactly what Coleman was talking about. The idea may have never even crossed someone’s mind, but now that someone else did it, and was made famous for it, may make it a more attractive idea.

I feel as though there should be a portion dedicated to the reporting of this and they should be one liners with no back so. “Man serves 8 years for killing dog.” No details. No notoriety. Simple as that. What this does is allow people to know what is going on and forces them to do the research themselves, keeping the information from being widespread and allowing those who don’t wish to hear about the violence everyday to stay away. More often than not, the top news is about death or violence rather than the good things that are happening all around us. If the news was comprised of good future outlook and betterment of society, don’t you think that people would be more influenced to be happy? Just a thought.