I chose Scenario #5 at http://www.pbs.org/newshour/media/media_ethics/quiz.php.

In this scenario, you are a reporter who is asked to report on a company your father works at. Read the scenario for further information.

I chose to completely separate myself from the situation because I would be biased no matter what the article was about. I cannot have a connection and be expected to stay removed emotionally from the entire ordeal considering my father was a part of the company that had a financial implosion.

Ethically, I believe a reporter’s job is one job: report. It’s a sad society we live in that causes journalists to to be biased according to monetary bribes or forceful influence from others. I would be a terrible reporter because I would never create an opinion and I would reveal all of my sources. I would also not choose to report on something I know would cause me to speak on my morals. That just simply isn’t reporting in my eyes.

This scenario tests your desire to report according to how you feel the situation is, not how it truly is and the mere facts of the case. The moment a family member is included in the situation, it would be impossible for most people to completely remove themselves from the situation and should not be able to according to their moral obligations if they truly are a good and ethical person.

That being said, I believe that all reporters should be held to a higher standard of journalism. Too may high rated and high paid journalist report on whatever they want to and spin it however they want. There are many situations in which the reporters even influenced a court hearing because of the spin they put on a story. This is a sad existence and should not be allowed to persist.