Frontline’s “A Hidden Life”

Answers to the questions located on Professor Oldham’s blog.

1. To have privacy is to be free from intrusion or to have another party outside oneself be involved in a single person’s affairs. In office, I would agree that no public official should have any privacy where matters that would openly affect the masses are concerned.

2. News media’s job should simply be to report what is happening. No matter how hard it is, they should remain true and unbiased.

3. He believed that if the Mayor were actually exempt from these allegations, the story is not legitimate because the question of legality is removed from the equation.

4. Bill was restricted from doing so by his employer’s code of ethics, and he justified it by claiming that they were simply ensuring the safety of possible victims.

5. Sting operations are to be only conducted by officials with credentials to back up their ability to “sting.” I believe it is annoying and unethical for a company to sting their own employees just to make sure the job is being done right, however, in present times, it seems somewhat necessary.

6. Money.

7. Yes, absolutely. He never actually did anything wrong. What he was doing in the simplest form was not endangering to any of the general public and he was open and honest when finally confronted about it.


#The Spokesman-Review – Money Money Money catching headline.

#Mayor West – The life I had to have in order to make sure that everyone continued to live their hidden lives peacefully.

#the citizens of Spokane, Wash. – The life the mayor kept from us. Not sure if it did us a favor or hurt us ultimately. Maybe neither.

9. The people who wrote it benefited from the publicity. Mayor West was hurt. He was openly humiliated and wrongly accused.

I don’t think the outcome was worth it. The man did a lot and was a strong figurehead for his city. No matter what he did in his private life, he still managed to put his city first and foremost. Being a kind man who wanted the best for everyone, putting an article out to essentially take him down was just poor taste and mean spirited.