Philip Morris reveals a dirty secret that the tobacco companies have been hiding. Now, immediately you may want to scowl at him, yet you have to commend him for having the gusto to stick his neck out there and actually point a finger at the tobacco companies. If you want to find money, look at oil companies and look at tobacco companies.

So what does money matter? When you have unlimited resources, court cases usually go in your favor pretty quickly. Morris, being a single handed man didn’t have much of a leg to stand on except the truth. ABC eventually copped out on him even though they aired his discoveries on their network. Any privacy he had in his life became compromised by the tobacco companies after he began to reveal the secrets they had been hiding.

He found out(and proved) that the companies had been adding nicotine into their products. Not only that, but they started by removing it from the product and then adding it back in larger and more potent quantities. This shocking fact lead Morris to make a full report on this, eventually turning into a documentary of sorts. Despite the $350,000 cap, the companies ended up suing Morris for $1 Billion in libel fees. This was obviously a ridiculous amount for there is no way a documentary could have caused the companies that much of a deficit in damages. Not only that, but the FDA was just coming out shortly afterwards with a statement supporting the addictive factors of nicotine.

When you find out something so big about any influential organization or company, you’re almost doomed to face some sort of lawsuit which Morris understood, yet he still felt it necessary to bring the truth to the people which he did with his head held high. Not only was he bombarded with slander and invasion of privacy, but he was also the target for the companies afterwards, yet he still managed to get out with ABC simply paying for the court fees of the tobacco companies.