Reporters are in the truth business. I believe most reporters step into the arena of media innocently with their primary focus on gathering the news and reporting it swiftly and accurately. That being said, it doesn’t take long for a reporter to be corrupted or come against a greater influence.

McCaw bought herself a newspaper. Why? Because she could, I suppose. Or maybe it was so that she could influence it however she wanted to.  When you think about this, it truly is a great idea. If you could say what you wanted the media to say about you and the world around you, you could control a lot of outcomes. Some would argue that the one who owns the paper doesn’t really decide what goes into it. Think again..

The editor handles the heavy duty part of choosing which articles go in the pages and which ones do not. However, the owner of the paper could just, oh I don’t know, fire the editor if he/she does not follow the will of the money holder. So these reporters are forced to go and do articles on other things, still reporting the correct facts of course, but on piddly and useless news.

So what happens when real news comes up? The reporters go out and collect real, truthful information, however it is contradictory to what McCaw thinks and the conflict arises. The reporters WANT to put in what is accurate, yet the editor says no or goes and changes it before release.

In this kind of struggle, the ultimate goal was always to bring the truth to the public, but the truth is hard to spread when you have someone behind you telling you what it is instead of letting you collect it yourself. Ultimately, the reporters found themselves in a bit of a rough patch because they couldn’t write what they knew to be true and sacrificed their own livelihood in order to stand for what was true.