I was given the #3 which is to write as Chris Hansen, the host of “To Catch a Predator.”

As the host of To Catch a Predator, it is my job to catch the predators red-handed, in the middle of an attempt to commit the crime. It may seem like fun walking in and capturing these criminals in the act, maybe even humorous at times, however there are so many others out there that continue to get away with this disgusting act.

Maybe you think it is unethical to “trap” these men and women like this, but we are making an attempt to protect the innocent and expose those who are continually searching to find underage partners. We always have the police on hand to capture these felons in the midst of their actions, ensuring that they will not be able to continue these acts.

After producing the copies of the conversations, these guys usually have a look come over them, knowing that they have been found out. Others fight until the end, arguing that they are not at fault. Knowing that these men are at fault still lets me sleep at night.