CASE 3-B Tailgate Approved? The Rise and Fall of the Fan Can

The case came about when Anheuser-Busch created the “Fan Can” which sported the school colors from 27 different colleges. This wouldn’t be so bad, except it seemed to partially target the underage crowd. Accounting for almost 11 million of the total drinkers.

Te book questions whether it is the college student’s responsibility to abstain from underage. I, personally, think this question is a joke. There is no one else that this responsibility should fall to other than the student them self. End of story. One cannot simply claim that because of a marketing technique, they should not be held responsible for their choices.

These Fan Cans do resemble product placement, however. What better way to market to one of their top crowds than to create a can that supports something that hits close to home? This does raise ethical concern though. For over half of a student’s time spent in college, he or she is underage. Therefore, the college market should not be as large as it is.

As of right now, personal responsibility to drinking does not seem to be a concern for the alcohol corporations. They always add “Please drink responsibly” to their messages, but it doesn’t seem to be out of a moral obligation, but merely a way to appear concerned with how and in what way their market uses their product.

Be responsible. Wait to drink. You gain nothing by drinking underage.